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Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Tee Sanchez (Da Issue) was exposed to high murder rates, high poverty levels, and street life. Music became an escape for her as a child. She kept to herself when she needed someone to talk to about her misfortunes. Instead, Da Issue would channel her thoughts into lyric form. At age 19, Tee decided to pursue a serious music career in R&B, auditioning for the hit television series X-FACTOR. After being denied a slot on the show she made a decision to change the path of her career. She felt her music lacked the energy sought by today's music industry. Thus, Da Issue decided to switch lanes from R&B to Hardcore Rap. She began performing in various cities across the east coast opening for major industry stars such as Sammy, Twista, and other artist by way of personal request! Tee recalls how she obtained her stage name, "At a family gathering, my grandfather was sitting out coloring (he had demetia so he didnt remember much). When he was asked did he know me, he would say, 'Yes! Her name is THE ISSUE! Shortly after he passed, I grew into the name 'Da Issue'. I will never change my name for that reason." Da Issue has a deep passion for music of all generes but is solely focused on a category in rap music that is now considered "trap" music.


"My goal is to tell my story through my music, hoping someone else can relate to real life situations to a good beat. They say where words fail, music speaks!", says Sanchez. Da Issue released her debut project, entitled "Came to Take What's Mine" (Trap Junky Vol. 1) in July of 2016. When asked where she sees herself as an artist she responded, "As I grow in the female rap industry I can only see myself as the #1 female artist and I want my crown and throne. Its simply my time!"



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