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Reppin' the Hill District of Pittsburgh, Ditty Ike has been tearing up the Pittsburgh underground scene since 1998. With such classics as "On Da Nephs Ike" and "Son Of A B!#ch"  as well as some of the updated material such as "Im A Beast", "Fully Loaded" and "Love the way I'm Thuggin". After being incarcerated for 6 years, he is free to do his music and put the Steel City on the map. Backed up by a Iceburgh Records as well as a team of hungry artists with a common goal to take over the music world by storm. His style is considered bold, cocky, gangsta, grimey, gutta and full of energy and swag!!!. Lets justy say he is a well oiled machine. Focused and hungry. Expect big things to come from  "The Ike".



Split Personality (2016)

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